Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another Day on the Web

I have came across quite a few interesting websites and Bikes Against Bush is definetely one of them. You can type something u wana say and it'll appear at the streets of NYC! It'll be on from 30th Aug until 2nd Sept, so don't miss the chance. And it's written as a master's thesis, something fresh eh. Here's how it's done:

1. Nokia 3650 cellphone receives a text message sent from Kinberg's site. If the rider wants to print it, he sends it via Bluetooth to a Powerbook.
2. AppleScript and Perl code translate each letter into a 5-by-5 dot-matrix pattern and send binary code to a black box containing a BASIC stamp microcontroller.
3. Code is translated into high- or low-voltage signals, and sent via homemade serial cable to five relay switches housed in a custom-made Plexiglas box.
4. Relays fire electromagnetic solenoids, powered by a 12-V gel cell battery.
5. Solenoid pistons trigger nozzles on inverted spray-chalk aerosol cans to blast out a dot. The rate of fire adjusts automatically based on the rider's speed.
6. GPS device captures the position of the sprayed message, and the webcam snaps a pic; both are uploaded through the cellphone's GPRS to a blog.

Multiply is another intestresting website, it works like friendster, but has extra features such as sharing photos, let specific friends view your journal/blog, tell your friends about event through calendar, write reviews about anything you like and read reviews written by your friends, sell stuff at marketplace and share recipes. Generally it's about sharing information online and they categorized all the information so it can be searched easily and you can control who sees what.

Well on the last note, Malaysian Idol has just came out with their Final 12. Kinda enjoyed the show, they'll be doing a special this week. Got a feeling that Jacklyn Joshua will become our first Malaysian Idol. ;)


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