Sunday, August 01, 2004

Food~! Glorious Food

Did some searching for great food outlets and found a few places that is great. Ming Tien Food Court is definetely one of them. The review said that:
  • Priced at RM3.50 per bowl, the curry noodles come with a generous serving of curry chicken as well as roasted and barbecued pork.
    The chicken-based curry noodle has thick and flavourful gravy while the sweet and salty flavour of the barbecued and roasted pork blends well with the gravy.

Sounds good eh?

Being a dim sum lover that couldn't wake up early just to eat breakfast, Chef Loong Cuisine's evening dim sum has got to be good news for me. ;) The review makes me want to go there even more:

  • To eat the Shanghai Steamed Double-boiled Dumpling, you first bite the dumpling skin which is fine and thin, and goes very nicely with the soup. Savour this mouthful, then bite into the sweet tender meat inside. The experience will render you speechless.
    My friend liked the Water-Steamed Pan-Fried Bun. The buns are first steamed and then pan-fried, so that when eaten, the crispy exterior gives way to tender, warm meats inside. The buns are really something when taken with the ginger-soaked vinegar sauce that they come with.

Well i'll get my chance to eat there someday. For that i'm sure. Yay~!


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