Sunday, August 01, 2004

Industrial Training @ Matsushita

Going to finish my industrial training on 20th August, earlier than it should be, hehe.... what fun. Not to say my company has treated me badly but japanese factory's IT dept is just too boring. Enjoyed it when get to go sing karaoke with them after work, for farewell of 3 colleges & welcoming of a japanese guy who has come to visit our dept.

You just couldn't believe how fierce the competition is over there, direct-selling products like crazy :p:p:p Any brand names that you can think of will be sold there, at the moment i've heard from Amway, Elken, Tupperware and Unicity. Some collegues are interested in selling insurance but none approached me yet, good news i suppose, meaning i don't need it :D Or maybe bad news, implying that i don't have money to pay for it anyway. haha...


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