Sunday, August 08, 2004

My favourite activity: Watching Movies

I just love to watch movies. In this semester alone, i have been watching so many movies i can't remember how many exactly. I've watched Butterfly Effect, Shrek 2, Harry Potter, The Day After Tomorrow, King Arthur, Taking Lives, 13 Going On 30, I Robot, 21 Grams, Fahrenheit 911, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Lost in Translation, Monster, My Sassy Girl, Mystic River, The Whole Ten Yards, Man on Fire, The Prince and me, A Cinderella Story and School of Rock among others. I, Robot is the one that i watched recently and i think it's superbly done. Always loved futuristic movies so no surprise there. Not to mention that great Audi car, gotta love it.

I still have some movies that i wanted to watch, House of Flying Daggers and The Best Bet. Most likely will buy vcd for these two movies because i never watched asian movies in cinemas unless it's really good. Besides movies like The Best Bet are more worth it in vcd coz you get to watch it again if you don't understand a certain joke. Movies that i'll be waiting for in cinemas are Collateral and The Bourne Supremacy. Tom Cruise and Matt Damon are great actors, i rarely miss the chance of watching them in action in cinemas. Movies that i'll be downloading are The Terminal, Princess Diaries 2 and Wicker Park. Might watch The Terminal in cinemas if got too bored because Tom Hanks is a great actor too. Always watch out for Ocean 12. Should be good too.


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